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Did you know some famous rock riffs actually make great exercises to improve your guitar playing and technique??! Here are 5!

reccommended sites 

Anyone Can Play Guitar - In my opinion, this is one of the most resourceful sites today! Adrian Woodward has tons of great resources, tutorials and lessons available on his page. As a matter of fact, all of the charts & scales listed below are directly from this site (with his permission of course) and are what I use in my practice routine. Adrian also does Skype lessons if you're interested. Do yourself a favor and check this page out!

GuitarLessons.com - A great website with tons of free guitar lessons for absolute beginners, to those looking to solo or play the blues. Lessons are neatly organized and broken down into categories called 'quick start series.' GuitarLessons.com will also send you what they call the 'Ultimate Guitar Toolbox' which includes 50 free lessons.

Jeffrey Kunde - Touring and recording artist for Jesus Culture as well as other studio work (Kari Jobe, Bethel Music, Derek Johnson), Jeffrey has some of the best theory and practical music guides available! These have been great resources for me personally and I would highly recommend them to anyone! He also has a really cool gear section on his page as well.

Brett Papa - a.k.a. 'Papastache' Brett is an instructor and guitarist, writing for TV shows and performing  live. Papa was also the right-hand man to Fred Taccone, the founder of Divided by 13 custom amps. Brett has a great blog and even a store where you can purchase video lessons.

YouTube channels 

Instructional Videos

Paul Davids - With over 1 Million subscribers, Paul is the real deal. A fun and inspiring guitar channel, dedicated to keeping the guitar fresh and alive! Quality guitar playing, beautiful arrangements, comparisons, lists, lessons, and other fun guitar related stuff from guitarist, producer and teacher Paul Davids.

Music is Win - With his degree in guitar performance from Berkeley College of Music, Tyler Larson has a wealth of expertise and provides some of the most practical lessons and exercises, along with great explanations of theory and musical application. This is by far one of my favorite resources. Tyler also offers a few online courses, complete with tablature, check these out at musiciswin.com

R.J. Ronquillo’s Guitarama - Free and fun practical exercises… with some added shenanigans along the way as well.

Anyone Can Play the Guitar - From the UK, Adrian Woodward provides a great series of lessons for beginners to blues and song based lessons for advanced players. A great site to help improve your playing! 

Guitar for His Glory - Troy from GfHG not only has some of the best worship song tutorials on YouTube today, but also practical tips and instructional videos to help you take your playing and understanding of your instrument to the next level. Troy explains technique, tone and theory in a practical ways, making it easy to understand and simple to apply to your playing. Troy also has a great website and ‘Worship Guitar Boot Camp’ series which I highly recommend! You can check that out Here.

GuitarLessons.com - Free lessons for the absolute beginner to those looking to solo or play the blues. These lessons are for all skill levels, but tend to be geared more toward beginners. The lessons are broken down and explained slowly making them extremely easy to follow.

Tim Pierce Guitar - Not for the faint of heart (beginner)! Tim is a guitar instructor and studio musician who has played on tons of records for bigtime artists like Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson, Rick Springfield, Eric Clapton and more. Tim covers all things from tone, gear, lessons and even interviews other great musicians. Tim's channel is incredibly resourceful but definitely geared more for the advanced musician. Tim also offers a masterclass through his instructional videos at TPG Masterclass

Papastache102 - Definitely a lot of fun and not your every day instructor, Brett Papa has over 800 lessons for the beginner to the advanced. Tons of great lessons with practical applications for all players.

Guitar Licks Directory - For the metalhead! A great channel for building speed and 80's metal! This channel is a lot of fun, tutorials for beginners but deffinetly gear for those wanting to 'shred!' I'd suggest starting with the Paul Gilbert 'Intense Rock' series. 

Six String Country - For the country boy! Free lessons around building chord shapes, soloing, creating a pedal steel sounds and more. However, the majority of this channel is dedicated to tutorials of classic and modern country tunes, which are also great learning tools.  

Gear Demos & Reviews

That Pedal Show - Daniel Steinhardt & Mick Taylor from the UK, have dedicated their channel "to anyone and everyone with an interest in great guitar sounds." They focus mainly on pedals, but also discuss amps, guitars and everything else that goes into great tone. They have in-depth demos and comparisons of all types of gear, and they are not shy when it comes to providing honest feedback.

Pro Guitar Shop Demos - Andy with Tone Report Weekly and ProGuitarShop.com has tons of great high quality demos and reviews on guitars, amps, pedals and more. Definitely a great place to check out gear before making a purchase!

Premier Guitar (Rig Rundowns) - This channel also has tons of great high quality gear demos and reviews, but the best part about this channel are the 'Rig Rundowns.' This is a segment where an artist walks through their entire rig, which usually includes everything from guitars and amplifiers, to pick-ups and pedals. This is a great place to check out what gear your favorite artist or band(s) are using to create their signature sounds!

Pete Thorn - a.k.a. 'Guitar Nerd,' Pete is a  professional touring and studio guitarisit, and has played with acts like Chris Cornell, Melissa Etheridge, and Courtney Love. Pete provides some of the most thorough pedal demos and comparisons along with some guitar lessons.

Curtis Kent - Curtis has tons of pedal demos and side by side comparisons. Curtis admits to being an average rhythm guitar player, which means his videos are more about the gear than the licks. Simple, yet solid and extremely helpful.

Livingroom Gear Demos - Eirik's channel is mostly made up of pedal demos. These reviews are quick and to the point, not flashy, but good quality - they really do give you a good feel for how your gear will sound when you plug it in at home.

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